Watch North West go OFF on the paparazzi, yell “no pictures!” like only Kanye West’s daughter could

To use an age-old saying, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Three-year-old North West, daughter of Kim Kardashian West and Kanye West, just showed us her Kanye side after she went off on the paparazzi, yelling “NO PICTURES!” during a recent encounter. Although little Nori was accompanied by Kim on the outing, we can only imagine what her father would have done in the face of so many cameras, since Mr. West has his own troubled history with the paparazzi.

The Kardashians have tightened up security following Kim’s horrific robbery, which took place in Paris last year, so she clearly felt at ease with the protection of both a bodyguard and her protective daughter as she laughed at North’s impressive assertiveness on their ice cream run.

Watch North prove that she was born for the spotlight:

Can we all take a moment to appreciate how LOUDLY she was yelling?! Clearly, she has some major pipes. Maybe she’ll take after her father in more ways than one and rock the mic later in life.

Kim laughed at the showcase of her daughter’s guts, but North does have a point.

The Kardashian-Wests have had to re-think their role in the public eye since having kids. And especially following the Paris robbery, Kim has redefined her priorities. She’s spoken about how her fame affects her family, not unlike many other celebrities who have objected to the paparazzi’s invasion of their children’s privacy.

North seems to agree with celebs like Jennifer Garner, who testified in 2013 before the California legislature about how the paparazzi has negatively impacted her children’s lives. During that moving speech, she raised an important question: “Why should kids have to live a public life because their parents do?”

This question resurfaced on Twitter after North’s outburst.


This last tweet raises an interesting point:


It is true that paparazzi and celebrities have a somewhat symbiotic relationship, but there should be a line drawn when it comes to children. Perhaps it will be North West who finally solves this problem? You tell ’em, girl.

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