Watch Matt Damon grow up before your eyes in this pretty amazing supercut of his films

Matt Damon is everything, with or without buddy Ben Affleck by his side. After the actor humorously admitted his strange interaction with Prince a few days back (wherein he asked Prince where he lived, and Prince stated that, “I live inside my own heart, Matt Damon” — priceless in so many ways) we’ve had Matt Damon on our minds. It’s crazy to realize that his true breakout film, Good Will Hunting, came out in 1997 — that means we’ve been embracing Damon’s supreme talent for almost two full decades.

Of course, people — yes, even Matt Damon — do a lot of growing in twenty years, and YouTube user Burger Fiction wanted to illustrate his on-screen evolution. This video has clips of every single Matt Damon film ever, including his early appearances in notable films like Mystic Pizza and School Ties.

Not only does the montage cover films like Saving Private Ryan, but it also includes films that Damon lent his voice for, like Titan A.E. Even in cartoon form, Damon is kind of incredible. Here he is doing a guest appearance on Arthur.


Solid job, animators.

Truly, seeing all of his filmography back to back reminds us of two things: one, he’s been in a heck of a lot of incredible movies and television shows; and two, he’s truly grown up before our very eyes. I mean, just look at him as a kid in 1988.


And compare that to today, in the just-released Jason Bourne.


We have a feeling that many, many more films will eventually be added to this compilation. Based on such a full career, it’s unlikely that Matt Damon will ever retire. And, know what? We’re totally fine with that.

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