Watch this man serenade his wife on their 70th wedding anniversary — and just try to keep it together

Have you ever wondered what pure, true love looks like? Look no further than this video of a man singing to his wife on their 70th anniversary.

Last June, Martin Napolitano, 91, and his wife Rose, 90, were filmed holding each other in their arms while Martin sang Rose a love song. Rose rested her head on Martin’s shoulder while he sang the tune by Helen & Reddy.

"And when one of us is gone, and one of us is left to carry on, memories will have to do," he sang. "Memories of me and you, and you and me against the world."

Martin passed away in October, a few months before this video surfaced, making his lyrics especially poignant.

At the end of his song, Martin told Rose how proud he was about their long marriage.

“We did it, honey, Martin told his beloved wife in the video. “We did it. Our grandchildren are proud we did it. 90 and 91― we did it. We did it right to the top.

That you did, Martin. That you did.

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