Watch Kate McKinnon & Alec Baldwin physically transform into Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump on “SNL”

We are major fans of Saturday Night Live. And all election season long, we’ve been wondering exactly how Kate McKinnon and Alec Baldwin become Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. They’re seriously two of the most accurate representations we’ve ever seen come out of SNL. We’re just so curious! So we were so happy to finally get some answers this Election Day.

You seriously have to watch this amazing transformation. It’s so, so bizarre, and so cool!

Oh, the power of makeup and a good wig, friends.

Jodi Mancuso of the SNL hair department shared that turning Baldwin into Trump was really all about the hair. Mancuso explained,

“[Trump] probably does his hair in five minutes, and it took me a whole day to get it.


In general, it was well worth the effort. Luckily, Baldwin has some ~Trump vibes~ happening already. Mancuso continued,

“It worked out really well with Alec, and he really looked like him, pretty easy.

We can’t lie: we LOL’d.

On the bright side, Clinton’s look is pretty simple.


A wig, new brows, and subtle makeup turns McKinnon right into Clinton.

We’re so thrilled to finally know how they get McKinnon and Baldwin to look just like the presidential candidates. Like, how amazing do they always look?![/header

From the hair to the mannerisms, they nail it every time.

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