Watch every single Leonardo DiCaprio movie in under 8 minutes, because Friday

This is it, people. The Oscars are on Sunday, and we have one question: Will this finally be Leonardo DiCaprio’s year to win? Will he take home the trophy for Best Actor for The Revenant, aka his would-be first Oscar ever? Kate Winslet seems to think so. The Internet seems to think so, too. And we’re inclined to agree. He already won the Golden Globe, the SAG Award and the BAFTA for Best Actor this year. Let’s add an Academy Award to that list, shall we? It’s Leo’s turn!

The media has Oscar fever right now, and it’s contagious. To celebrate the upcoming event, YouTube channel Burger Fiction—known for their comprehensive compilation videos—cut together a clip from every single one of Leo’s movies. And it’s everything we’ve ever wanted and more.

The video hits on all of his films through the 2000s and into the present day. The compilation is a great reminder of just how many movies Leo has been in, and the variety of roles he’s played through the years. He can be serious, like he is in Gangs of New York and The Aviator. But he can also bring a certain silly charm to a role, like he does in Catch Me If You Can and The Wolf of Wall Street.

Cross your fingers for a Leo win on Sunday, and watch the full video for good luck!

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