These elephants *ran* to greet a rescued baby elephant, and we’re trying not to cry

It’s always a bit scary being the new person — or in this case, elephant — in any situation. The residents at Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park know how that feels and will make any newcomer feel welcome. A video from the sanctuary shows a herd of elephants running to greet a new baby elephant who just moved in. It’s seriously so cute. We dare you not to well up!

The almost-2-year-old baby elephant, Dok Geaw, was orphaned at only 4 months old. He was rescued by a woman named Khun Kanjana Silpa-archa and was just recently introduced to the rest of the Elephant Nature Park herd.

We have a feeling he’ll fit in just fine!

Dok Geaw was recently moved to the Elephant Nature Park three days ago after spending some time at the Elephant Conservation Centre in Laos. It’s no easy feat moving a baby elephant. Trucks and a lot of man power were involved in the process!

His new family consists of Dok Rak, Dok Ngern, Dok Mai, Faa Mai, Faa Sai and Sri Nuan — those are the elephants who ran to greet their new baby. As Dok Geaw continues to grow up, he’ll learn all the tricks of the elephant trade from these guys.

So far, Dok Geaw has learned that he’s a fan of sand!

Just wait until Dok Geaw learns that there are such things as mud pits. Those vids will be wild.

If you’d like to help Dok Geaw and the rest of the elephants at the Elephant Nature Park, you can donate to the park’s elephant care fund right here. They’ve already raised over $32,000, but would appreciate all the help they can get for veterinary care, chain-free enclosure maintenance, and food.

We can’t wait to see Dok Geaw grow into the best elephant he can be, and the fact that he’s got some good friends to help him do so makes everything much more special!

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