Watch these colorblind brothers see color for the first time, cry all the tears

Two teenage brothers have lived their entire lives without seeing color. Color, of course, is all around them — but because Jimmy and Jace are colorblind, they’ve never been able to witness it. Until now.

Jimmy and Jace’s parents bought them a pair of EnChroma glasses, the “only specialty eyewear that alleviates red-green color blindness, enhancing colors without the compromise of color accuracy,” according to its website.

Their mom took a video of them putting on the glasses and seeing color for the very first time, and they cried so many beautiful happy tears. As their parents explained each and every color, the boys were overwhelmed with emotion. And now so are we.

The glasses are pretty pricey — running from $349 to $469. But for today only, you can take $50 off each pair of glasses you buy. We’re certain that Jimmy and Jace, and everyone else who has seen color for the first time because of these glasses, feel like they’re worth every penny.

“Our sons Jimmy and Jace are colorblind,” the video caption reads. “We bought Jim a pair of EnChroma glasses which lets people who are colorblind see colors the same way we do. Please watch this special amazing moment! It brought us all to tears! We got them at”

Check out the video and prepare to cry. Also, shout out to their friend playing guitar in the background for some subtle emotion-provoking tunes.

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