Anna Faris has a surprising dream job and Chris Pratt wants to help her achieve it

If there’s one thing we know to be true, it’s this: Anna Faris and Chris Pratt are pretty much a real-life Cinderella and Prince Charming. Though, we have a feeling that Cinderella and Charming probably wouldn’t be interested in the professional wrestling lifestyle.

For her Anna Faris is Unqualified podcast, Anna and Chris invited mixed martial artist, professional wrestler, and actor Dave Bautista into their home. You may recognize him from Guardians of the Galaxy, the movie in which he plays Drax alongside Chris Pratt’s character Peter Quill. Basically, this means that Chris and Dave are friends IRL and we love it.

In addition to working on her podcast, it seems that Anna and Chris wanted to get some pro wrestling tips from the master himself. “My back-up plan: professional wrestler trained by @davebautista and @prattprattpratt  @unqualified so lucky I didn’t break my neck-thanks guys!” wrote Anna on Instagram, to caption a video of the three working on a move called the powerbomb.

While Dave is telling them how to execute the move, Chris suddenly realizes what they’re doing and comically states, “Oh right … And then I would slam her down, but I won’t.” At the same time, Anna can be heard shouting, “Hardwood floors! Horrible idea.” Luckily, they end up (safely) completing the powerbomb (minus the part where Chris would throw Anna down on the floor).

Once they’re finished, that’s when Chris gets another idea: He wants Anna to try to do sit-ups while he’s holding her in his arms. She gives it her best try, but it doesn’t work out quite as well as he anticipated it would. Nonetheless, there is one thing that saves the day: their fairytale relationship.

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