Watch Chris Pratt fall madly in love with a bacon sandwich named Tony

He has chemistry with anything and anyone, and here’s how he’ll prove it to you. During an interview, Chris Pratt fell in love with a bacon sandwich. The sandwich was in a stack, looking pretty tasty, and thanks to Pratt, it very well could have been a beautiful lady. Or in Pratt’s eyes, a guy. He did, after all, name the sandwich Tony during his beautiful speech.

The interview in question was for BBC 1 Radio. Pratt was given a few different scenarios to act out, the very first being a space romance.

Pratt created his own dialogue and really gave it his all. We might never look at bacon the same way again.

We need to give the bacon sandwich some credit, as well. Tony really acted his heart out here.

During the second scene, Tony is on his deathbed.

"You never let me down once. and I'll make good on those promises," Pratt said to the poor sandwich.

 We’re not going to lie — we’d totally watch a movie where Chris Pratt acted alongside a bacon sandwich. Heck, any sort of deli sandwich or sub would also be pretty entertaining. But even though Pratt and Tony made us laugh and cry a little just now, we definitely prefer it when he acts alongside a cast of humans. For example, Jennifer Lawrence in Passengers. Or  Zoe Saldana in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which will be out in theaters on May 5th.