Watch Aziz Ansari and Jimmy Fallon dramatically read Yelp reviews

As per usual, The Tonight Show had Saturday Night Live‘s upcoming host on the show this Thursday. And since that happened to be Aziz Ansari, of course it was an incredible interview. Ansari and Jimmy Fallon dramatically read Yelp reviews during the show, and as per usual, they added so much humor to something that’s already pretty funny.

Of course, skimming through Yelp reviews is the perfect way to kill a few minutes. Sure, they can be informative — but sometimes they’re a little too ridiculous. And, sometimes the restaurant responds back and adds even more unnecessary fuel to the fire.

Now, you should know that all of these Yelp reviews and restaurant responses are 100% real," Fallon clarifies.

You’ll be totally shocked by some of these — especially Ansari’s restaurant response to the first submission!

Now we’re inspired to make some pasta — with eggs. Secret eggs, that we don’t tell people about. Really, we totally needed a smile today, and this segment is honestly perfect.

This isn’t the first time that Fallon and Ansari have done dramatic readings. We can’t forget the last time Ansari was on the show, where he read a few uncomfortable text messages.

In fact, it’s kind of his Tonight Show “bit” — and we can see why they keep bringing him more material. It makes us laugh every time.

Speaking of laughter, you should catch Aziz Ansari on Saturday Night Live this week, with musical guest Big Sean. We know it’s going to be a night to remember!