Watch a bath bomb get made and feel your stress melt away

As any bath or Lush enthusiast will tell you, bath bombs have taken over the Internet — and now, we have mesmerizing video documentation of how a bath bomb is made. These genius little packages pack a mean punch, with bright colors and magical fragrances to fill up your next bath and help you recharge from the long day. But beyond just being pretty, bath bombs are a great way to de-stress (which is something we’ll all be needing as the holiday season is starting up).

And now you can take that de-stressing routine a step further by watching exactly how a bath bomb comes to life . Watch that process, and tell me it isn't satisfying.

Look at it!

The magic truly begins when you mix glitter, bath salts, textures, and vibrantly colored soap to create the bath bombs that we know and love. The patterns and designs themselves are mesmerizing to watch, just as the video above shows us. The next time you need a digital pick-me-up, check out how your favorite bath bombs are made. It’ll get you pumped up to take your next bath!

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