Watch 100 years of dudes’ New Year’s style in three minutes

It’s almost the end of 2015, and one thing’s for sure: New Years has certainly transformed over time. Maybe it’s been celebrated the same way — by counting down with a glass of champagne surrounded by the ones you love (and maybe even a New Year’s kiss!) — but we’ve certainly had different looks and styles over time. That’s what Mode has shown us in its latest “100 Years” installment.

In a three-minute video posted on YouTube yesterday, Mode takes us through the past 100 years of men’s fashion on this exciting end-and-beginning-of-the-year holiday, and it’s pretty mesmerizing, as always. First, we start with 1915 with a definite swagger. Look at that top hat and cane!

Then, we move into the sophisticated Great Gatsby era of the roaring ’20s:

Perhaps the most notable jump throughout the video is the WWII uniforms in the 1940s:

In the ’60s, we start to see some ~funky~ jackets. Dare I say. . . groovy?


This looks like it could be Chandler Bing on New Year’s Eve.

Check out the full video below and be prepared to be totally in awe. And perhaps notice just how similar 2015 New Year’s styles are to the ’20s. Absolute proof it all comes back. (But let’s hope the ’70s doesn’t come back, yeah?)

Happy New Year’s, one and all!

(Image via YouTube.)

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