Are you washing your eyebrows? Because maybe you should be

It’s no secret that big brows are in. For some of us who haven’t been genetically blessed with wolfishly majestic Cara Delevingne eyebrows, the road to fleekness is one paved with powders, pencils, and gels. The process can be time-consuming. I myself have drawn on and filled in my eyebrows perfectly, only to dread removing the ten layers of makeup come bedtime. Don’t judge, but sometimes I just leave my beautifully sculpted browns on. Then, in the morning – if I haven’t tossed, turned, or rubbed my face in the night, I can say, “I woke up like this.”

According to some research done by Marie Claire, that kind of behavior is basically eyebrow mistreatment. Like the hair on your head, eyebrows need to be washed regularly to prevent buildup. It will keep them looking full and luxurious and prevent sparseness later in life.

Don’t believe me? Brow artist to the stars, Sania Vucetaj weighed in on the matter. “Brow hairs are a much softer, more delicate follicle than the hairs on your scalp,” he said. Translation: those ‘lil caterpillars over your eyes are super susceptible to trapping oil and dirt, even developing dandruff, which may be the exact opposite of fleek.

The good news? Washing your face – your whole face – should do the trick. Don’t feel like you need to buy any special brow shampoo and conditioner: Using harsh products on your eyebrows will do way more harm than good. You could strip your brows of their natural oils.

Additionally, try to avoid piling creams on your eyebrows. Too much product build up can block the hair follicles and result in patching – which will mean you need to spend more on Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz pencils, which will mean you will be broke before you know it.

The moral of this story? Don’t sleep in your makeup. Your brows will thank you.

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