The Warwick Rowers 2018 Calendar is here, and it’s just as steamy as ever

Christmas just came early. The Warwick Rowers are back with another steamy calendar, and, like, how do we get our hands on one? What started off as a way to raise money for rowing gear in 2009, quickly turned into a social movement for change. The University of Warwick men’s rowing team use their risqué photoshoots to challenge homophobia. And since 2012, they’ve donated proceeds to advocacy group Sports Allies and their fight to end gender bias in sports.

The charitable calendar has gained an enormous gay-male following over the years. And unfortunately, the rowers have been accused of “queer-baiting” because of their celebration of male-on-male intimacy. In a 2015 interview with the Huffington Post, teammate Tristan Edwards explained that, while provocative, selling sex isn’t the team’s main focus. But rather, the purpose of the calendar is to put an end to hyper masculinity and the “enforcement of gender norms.” He continued, saying, “We don’t want to be put into a box in terms of what a man ‘should be’ in sport. This is how we think you can act.”

Look, it’s no secret that the Warwick Rowers are hot. But knowing that there’s a deeper message behind their alluring images makes us want to give them our patronage that much more.

The Warwick Rowers took to Instagram to preview their 2018 calendar, and it’s everything.

Oh, and if you need more convincing, these behind-the-scenes photo of the team will do the trick.

Here’s to hoping the rowing team keeps the calendars rolling out for years to come. Because we certainly can’t get enough of them.

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