Warning, night owls! This is one of the most intense alarm clocks we’ve ever seen

Let’s face it, sometimes when presented with a good night’s sleep and a the opportunity to start binging a new show on Netflix, we choose Netflix and usually regret it come morning when we hit snooze ninety times on our alarms. But hopefully that will never happen again because we’ve just discovered an alarm clock that even Netflix-lovers like us can use to actually wake up in the morning.

Instead of lazily hitting snooze, Ruggio alarm clocks require you to actually get out of bed to turn it off. Ruggio looks like a small plush rug, but it’s no ordinary rug once the alarm starts blaring. IT sounds like something we need, like, yesterday.

The alarm clock began as a Kickstarter campaign last year and quickly went viral before being backed by 3,349 different backers. According to the Kickstarter, the idea came after the founder of Ruggie, Winston Tam kept accidentally oversleeping and failed to find an alarm clock that worked for him. It turned out, all he needed was to physically get out of bed to turn off his alarm and he was awake.


The device has an alarm-setting feature on the side and when the alarm goes off, the sensor in the rug needs to have pressure on it for three seconds before it turns the alarm off, so you can’t hit snooze on this clock.

Everybody has a different reaction to alarm clocks. Some people hear it buzz once and they’re up for the day, while others need to set a dozen to their day started. Ruggio seems like a really cool way to get your body moving and up for the day.

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