Warner Bros is planning to release ‘Ultra HD’ movies because the future is now

Our DVDs just got a lot fancier. Thanks to Warner Bros’ new effort to release 35 “Ultra HD” blu-ray movies, soon it will feel like blockbusters such as Mad Max: Fury Road and Pacific Rim are happening right in our livings rooms—but, you know, without all the danger.

If you’re someone who likes to keep up with the latest and greatest of home entertainment, then it’s likely the devices you already own boast 4K and Ultra HD capabilities. If you haven’t yet made the plunge for 4K technology, then maybe this news might convince you. By releasing movies in 4K and Ultra HD, Warner Bros is paying some much-needed attention to home entertainment and following in the footsteps of other companies like Fox and Samsung, who made the similar decision last year to release even better versions of Fantastic Four and Maze Runner, reports The Verge.

Warner Bros’ 4K 2016 offerings will also be joined by Sony’s upcoming HD releases, such as The Amazing Spiderman 2 and Pineapple Express. I think it’s safe to say staying in bed and watching movies today just got a whole lot more tempting.

(Image via Warner Bros)

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