People have been warned to NOT approach this grass that’s moving like a waterbed

As children, waterbeds were exciting and exotic, and DEFINITELY something we weren’t allowed to have in our rooms. Yet, residents of Merseyside, UK, are in for a treat as Sutton Park has begun to wobble like a waterbed. Crazy, right?

For most people, the first thing they’d want to do when they see something wobble like that would be to jump on it immediately. But wait a sec — officials are warning park visitors to stay off the grass due to safety concerns. Merseyside resident Lauren Roberts posted a video to Facebook showing a man and a dog walking on top of the shaky grass.

Check out her video below:

According to officials, residents are being told to stay off the grass because, while it looks super fun right now, the grass could actually collapse into a sinkhole. Mashable reported that environmental agencies haven’t confirmed the reasoning as to why the park grass rose the way it did, but they believe that the cause is from water under the soil, like a bog.

Roberts seemed shocked by the sight of the shaky grass when interviewed by SWNS TV. She told them,

“I just couldn't believe it at first, it just looks like a giant waterbed, doesn't it?"

We couldn’t even imagine seeing a sight like that at one of our local parks. However, it’ll be interesting to see what the official cause of the shaky grass is. Hopefully wobbly grass doesn’t start appearing in other parks across the world. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled!

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