Warby Parker designed an app that could save you a trip to the eye doctor

Imagine a world where the eye doctor is obsolete and you can check your vision from the comfort of your own home. Thanks to Warby Parker, this idea has become reality. Warby Parker designed an app that lets you take an at-home vision test to update your prescription.

As of right now, the app, called Prescription Check, is only available to iPhone users who are Warby Parker customers in California, Virginia, Florid,a and New York. Mashable’s Karissa Bell tried it out and walked readers through the process.

To start your checkup, you must first download the Prescription Check app and log into your Warby Parker account. Also, make sure you have your computer handy.


The app asks you questions about your vision history such as — when is the last time you went to the eye doctor? Do you have any questions or concerns? And, what pair of Warby Parker glasses are you already wearing?

After answering the questions, you’ll be notified if you qualify for Prescription Check and if so, you’ll be able to start the 20-minute exam. Keep in mind that the app is not intended to replace an actual eye exam, so if you haven’t been to a physical doctor in quite some time, you might not be able to partake in Prescription Check.

Calibrating your computer and iPhone requires first measuring a credit card and then backing 12 feet away from your computer while holding your phone in front of you.


Using your phone, you’ll answer a series of vision-related questions and complete the test while wearing your current prescription. Bell lets us know that moving your phone at all during the test will result in having to recalibrate, so stay as still as possible.


Once you complete the test, a doctor will review your results and determine if your vision has changed since your last checkup. If it hasn’t changed, the Warby Parker doctor will write you a new prescription that you can use anywhere.

But, if your vision has changed, the Warby Parker doctor will most likely tell you to go see your real eye doctor and get a checkup.

Bell notes that there are several technical issues with the app that make it a bit frustrating to use. You can’t go back and change answers if you make a mistake, for example. But overall, Bell thinks the app seems useful and has a bright future.

Warby Parker’s app might not be the answer to never having to go to the eye doctor ever again, but it’s one step closer to making eye health maintenance a lot easier.

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