All the things we want from season 2 of “Jessica Jones”

Earlier this week, we learned that Netflix was gracing us with a second season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones, starring Krysten Ritter as the butt-kicking titular character. And not a moment too soon, since some of us were a little behind in binging the series (ahem, me), even though we’re totally caught up now.

But being caught up has its drawbacks – mainly that I have to wait until who knows when to find out how the series will tie up loose ends, as well as what new characters and storylines will be introduced to push our (arguably anti-) heroine to her limits once more. I’m not super familiar with the actual Jessica Jones comics, so most anything that lies ahead will be news to me.

I can, however, pass the time thinking about what I hope to see in season 2. Here are a few of those things, and be forewarned: Major spoilers for Jessica Jones season 1 are peppered throughout.

Another enthralling main baddie/conflict

Not only was Kilgrave evil – he was the worst kind of evil, making our skin crawl with how easy it was for him to torture others and completely absolve himself of any blame. Personally, I had to turn away from the screen more times than not when he was Imperius Cursing someone, so I’m hoping whatever villain Jessica takes on in season 2 makes me equally creeped out (I know, I’m a weirdo).

Luke’s whereabouts (and his feelings toward Jessica)

So we know Luke peaced out when Claire Temple (played by Rosario Dawson, whom I’ve worshipped ever since Josie and the Pussycats) offered him a glass of water, but where the heck did he go, and why? We’re assuming we’ll find out in the first season of Luke Cage later this year before Jessica Jones season 2 premieres, but we want to know now. We also need to know whether he actually forgives Jessica for killing his wife or, as Kilgrave said, it was all an act performed under his control. Ugh.


The history/fate of Simpson

The last we saw of Officer Will Simpson was him being carted away by Dr. Kozlov’s men after being left unconscious by Jessica and Trish. Where did they take him? Are they going to keep using him for crazy drug experiments? Will he and Trish ever reconcile and have beautiful, butt-kicking babies?

What the heck IGH is

This is the biggest mystery: What is IGH, and what does it have to do with Jessica – like, why did they pay her medical bills when she was in the hospital? I bet you anything they had something to do with the powers she acquired after the car crash, but do they have anything to do with the experiments on Kilgrave? What about Simpson’s drug trials? There are so many unanswered questions, it’s starting to feel like I’m watching LOST again. The smoke monster is going to show up in my apartment any minute.

Way more Trish/Jessica bonding

Jessica and Trish might have the most interesting relationship of any two characters on the show. They are completely different women, yet they share an unmistakable bond that was borne from struggle, but is constantly nurtured by (tough) love and teamwork. More scenes of these two – like the one in the bar, where Jess schools a guy in a strength-testing arcade game – would be ace, please and thanks.


Jeri and Pam: Will they reconcile?

The last we saw of Pam, she basically told her fiancée, Jeri Hogarth, to go to hell in a handbasket — and with good reason. Jeri is a manipulative person and probably didn’t deserve either Pam or her late ex, Wendy. But are they done for good? When we last see Hogarth, she is defending Jessica against a murder accusation for Kilgrave’s death (LOL, rich, right?) – and it does seem like Hogarth’s heart is in the right place most of the time, even if she isn’t the least shady person ever. I’m not sure if I’m the only one rooting for her to have a happy ending, but…we shall see what’s in store for Hogarth in season 2.

What about Trish and Dorothy?

We know Dorothy Walker is trying to get into her daughter’s good graces again, because she presented Trish with stacks upon stacks of IGH paperwork to (at least seemingly) assist her in helping Jessica. But if her inability to keep her mouth closed about product endorsements is any indication, she has a long way to go. I can’t help but think they could make a good mother/daughter team (Trish the charm, brains, and strength; Dorothy the strategist and manipulator), if Dorothy could actually be sincere.

Jessica and Malcolm’s relationship

The last line of season 1 is spoken by Malcolm Ducasse: “Alias Investigations, how can we help?”


Does this mean Malcolm is Jessica’s partner/sidekick now? I wouldn’t complain, since Malcolm has proven to be a super interesting and multi-layered character between his time under Kilgrave, his ability to resist drugs when they were right in front of his face while going through withdrawal, his vow to leave, but inability to stay away from Jessica, etc. I can’t wait to see what these two cook up together.

More Daredevil tie-ins

OK, so as far as Daredevil crossovers go, we’ve got Claire Temple. But will Jessica ever take the bait from Claire and team up with Matt Murdock himself? I personally haven’t seen the Daredevil series (I know, I know!), but now seems like the perfect time to play catch-up on that front, just in case.

The big question: Will Jessica become a superhero?

And a sub-question: Will she ever get a handle on flying? I personally have hope that she will, but then again, there’s something darkly poetic about Jessica’s whole bird-with-its-winds-clipped thing that I’m not sure she’d be the same with flight. But I’d be totally onboard with her donning (re-donning? It’s never 100% clear in the series whether Jessica originally fought crime as Jewel before becoming a private investigator, like in the comics, though it’s heavily hinted that this hasn’t happened) the Jewel suit Trish presents her with in a season-one flashback, if only for an alternate-universe episode, or musical one a la Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Hey, a girl can dream, OK?


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