WANT: Pastry chef Dinara Kasko makes desserts look like architectural designs

We’ve heard of being hungry enough to eat a horse, but these desserts prepared by Ukrainian pastry chef Dinara Kasko almost make us want to eat a building. Don’t panic — our palates haven’t gone completely awry and we’re not nearly hangry enough to make a meal out of sheet rock. It’s just that Kasko also happens to be an architectural designer whose skills translate to sweet treats that bear the same constructive similarities as architectural structures.

Kasko’s Instagram bio reads, “I want to make something interesting and fresh, experimenting with new creative ideas,” and we’d say she’s gone above and beyond with her unique collection of desserts that are inspired by her background as a designer and 3-D visualizer.

Here’s what happens when art meets desserts:

Who knew silicone mold could look so sexy?

It’s entirely possible to maintain your disdain for geometry, yet still want to devour this raspberry cake whole.

Lime-basil triangulation sounds complicated AF, but LOOKS SO DAMN YUMMY.

Bubble cake (aka the birthday cake of our dreams):

Here’s a chocolate sponge cake that is too incredible for words:

TFW chocolate bonbons remind you of an abacus:


Sigh. That’s more than enough drooling for one day. But if you dare to see more of Kasko’s cool desserts, borrow a bib and check out more of her work on Instagram.