Want a professional massage delivered to your house? There’s an app for that

Meet REME, the Postmates of self-care. The app, which launched November 2017, is all about making “me time” easy and more accessible. While only available in Southern California at the moment (Los Angeles, South Bay, Long Beach, Orange County and San Diego), I wouldn’t be surprised to see REME become accessible for everyone, nation-wide. It’s just that awesome.

Here’s how it works:

1. You download the app on your phone and create an account.

2. And then it’s simple: You select a service you’d like, and a certified therapist will show up at your house. According to their site, you can book within the hour or up to 48 hours in advance. Your therapist will show up at your digs within an hour.

3. Alternatively, you can sign up for a membership, which saves you up to 20% on services — so if you’re the kind of person who KNOWS they’ll need at least one massage a month, you can sign up for $85 for 12 massages a year. Need a more intense plan? You can sign up for the Elite Membership for $160 — that’s 24 massages per year.

So, no driving to get a massage anymore (the drive back home usually tangles up my muscles again, so what is even the point?!). This service makes booking time to take care of your body so much easier (especially if you have kids or pets you can’t leave at home alone or take with you), and it’s no more expensive than a regular massage you’d get at the spa.

Plus, REME understands that every body has unique needs, and it wants to understand yours. Each session includes a consultation, which allows your therapist to get to know you and what you like/need. For instance, when I got my massage, I let the therapist know that I sit hunched over for 8+ hours every single day like a ghoul, and that this annihilates my lower back. Let your therapist know which muscles and areas need the most love, and REME will have this info stored for next time. Genius.

Services include: massages (60-90 minutes), couples massages (30-60 minutes), and stretching (45 minutes). Not totally sure what you’re waiting for, Millennial! Get your self-care on!

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