Milo Ventimiglia singing the Spice Girls’ “Wannabe” will actually make your day

Nothing is better than a little ’90s music nostalgia. Except, of course, when that ’90s music nostalgia includes a montage of some of our favorite celebrities doing their own versions of a beloved throwback. A new video from W Magazine does just that, bringing together Milo Ventimiglia, Nicole Kidman, Millie Bobby Brown, James Franco, and many other big names.

All of them have been united for a common, worthwhile cause: The Spice Girls.

Each featured celebrity reinterprets the lyrics of the pop sensation’s smash-hit song “Wannabe.” One by one they all perform their own unique spin on the song, and each one is absolute perfection.

Some celebs, like Nicole and Milo, opt for a more dramatic interpretation of the playful lyrics. And hearing the talented entertainers perform the iconic song as if it were a melodramatic monologue puts a totally new light on the music. Like, when Alexander Skarsgard looks intensely at the camera and warns you to not go wasting his precious time. You almost shudder at the new gravitas the lyrics take on.

Then there’s Millie, who was born long after the hit 1996 song blew up on the charts, delivered one of the most enthusiastic and true-to-the-original interpretations.

Before she even begins her rendition, she happily exclaims how “obsessed” she is with the Spice Girls. Then, she adds in all sorts of high-energy dance moves with her reading. She doesn’t even need to reference the provided notes, because she seems to know all the lyrics. Between her dancing and infectious smile, she’s easily one of the most charming celebrities in the video.

We’re sure the Spice Girls themselves would be proud.

Every celeb shines in their individual interpretations of “Wannabe,” so we really, really, really love this video– ah.

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