The only book of cat photography that you’ll ever need

As citizens of the World Wide Web, we are constantly inundated with adorable things. From baby sloths to corgi beach parties, the Internet is a hub for all things cute — but it’s safe to say that no creature has captured our collective attention quite like the humble house cat. If the Internet were to have a flag, it would be emblazoned with a cat. Like, for sure it would. The feline is the web’s unofficial mascot: A furry creature that represents the feisty introvert in all of us. Cats are cute, quirky, fickle, sly, and wonderful — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In fact, I’d argue that nothing brings joy to the interwebs quite like a great cat pic. But long before our Instagram feeds were filled with Lil Bub and Colonel Meow (RIP), a very different kind of cat photograph ran supreme. For those not in the know, Walter Chandoha is the indisputable king of cat photography — and for the first time ever, all of his best pictures are coming together in one epic coffee table book.

Walter Chandoha: The Cat Photographer is, quite simply, the best book of cat photos that we’ve ever seen. The book reminds us of a simpler time — of hours spent culling through a library looking for the perfect hardcover to flip through for cute pictures. It’s a delight to the senses, and a must-have for all the fancy cat ladies out there. (Ourselves included — no shame.)

Chandoha raises the art of cat photography to another level, and the world is all the better for his gorgeous animal portraits. Check out a few of our favorite pictures from the book below, and you can buy the whole thing for yourself right here. We think it’s the perfect present for the cat lover in your life.

(Images via Walter Chandoha.)

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