Human has solid chat with walrus. Then things get awkward.

Earlier this week, a lucky visitor to the Coney Island aquarium hit it off big time with a walrus. And we have to say, we’re just a teensy bit jelly. I mean, it’s not every day you get to have a heart-to-heart with such a magnificent creature.

Or maybe it is if you’re Jake Stowe, who shot a video of his chat with his new friend and posted it to You Tube. Jake really seems to have a way with the walrus. As the animal splashes around in the water, Jake says, “Where have you been all my life? You’re so pretty!” The walrus is down with that. He’s not so down with those three little words, Jake says: “I love you.” Maybe it’s just too soon.

See Jake’s entire tête–à–tête with the walrus here, because it’s ridiculously awesome.

(Image via Jake Stowe on YouTube)

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