Twitter is freaking out over this video of a little boy yodeling in the middle of Walmart

If you’ve been on the internet at all this past weekend, you’ve seen Twitter freaking out over the video of a little boy yodeling in the middle of Walmart — now known forever as “Walmart yodel boy.” But if you somehow missed it, you’ll definitely want to tune in now, because it is amazing.

The video features 10-year-old Mason Ramsey yodeling the song “Lovesick Blues” by Hank Williams in the middle of a random aisle in Walmart. While it’s unclear why exactly Ramsey was performing in the middle of a Walmart, or what exactly was going on behind the scenes, one thing is for sure: He is super talented.

When you first start watching the video, you might laugh a bit, due to Ramsey’s outfit and slightly awkward and stiff stance, but your amusement will very quickly turn into overwhelming respect for this kid’s ability.

While Ramsey might be new to Twitter, he’s actually a bit of a local celebrity. According to Pop Culture, a video of Ramsey singing a mix of Hank Williams songs in another Walmart got over 160,000 views on Facebook. The man who filmed that video told Pop Culture that Ramsey lives with his grandparents in Golconda, Illinois.

If you can’t get enough of the above clip, check out the full video, where you’ll hear Ramsey yodeling in Walmart for over three minutes:

It’s no surprise that this video went viral quickly and immediately turned into a meme. The reactions on Twitter are perfect:

Others simply praised the young Walmart yodeler for his talents: 



And some people are just loving the entire moment:


Honestly, it’s hard to tell what’s more delightful: the Walmart yodel boy, or the reactions on Twitter. Keep ’em coming!

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