This Walmart mattress brand just gave king-size mattresses a more feminist name

If you treasure your sleep as much as we do, then you understand the importance of a high-quality mattress. It has to have the right amount of firmness, and it has to be big enough for you and your partner (or pet). Well, the Walmart mattress brand Allswell just upped the ante by renaming its king mattress the “Supreme Queen,” and we like the sound of that.

Across the entire bedding and mattress industry, large beds have always been referred to as king-sized. We love the refreshing name change, especially since Women’s History Month begins in March. Just as exciting: Allswell’s high-quality and affordable mattresses are made for all of your sleeping needs. With innovative memory foam, pocketed coils, a luxe cooling exterior, and a built-in plush topper, you’re getting much more than just a progressive new name.

To introduce the brand’s new mattress name, Allswell shared this cheeky Instagram caption:

"Celebrating all the QUEENS out there. Say hello to the new biggest, baddest mattress around...The Supreme Queen."

The Allswell Supreme Queen mattresses are available for $1,035.

While the price might seem like a lot, it’s surprisingly reasonable for an enormous mattress of such great quality.


If you’re in the market for a new mattress, you’re definitely going to want to check out Allswell.

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