Walmart already wants you to go holiday shopping. Too soon?

Walmart is putting us in the holiday spirit whether we like it or not. Though there are 118 whole days until Christmas and 90 until Black Friday, the company is already launching their holiday layout plan. Every year, we see droves of people in heavy coats waiting to get a must-have toy, TV, phone, game, or kitchen appliance. And it’s quite possible we’ll be seeing those same people—but in shorts instead.

Two weeks earlier than last year, Walmart has announced they will allow their customers to currently buy from their catalog of 40,000 items in installments. There are a few rules though: We’re given 90 days to pay in full, and product has to cost $10 minimum. AND the grand total of items under the plan must cost at least $50.

With more and more stores aiming to get your holiday bucks, Business Insider‘s Ashley Lutz told ABC News it only makes sense that some stores are celebrating Christmas in, uh, summer.

“They’re saying, ‘Spend all of your money here in August. Then you won’t have money to spend in other places,” Lutz commented.

With The Force Awakens slated for December, Walmart is also filling its aisles with 500 Star Wars items.  Walmart isn’t finished there — on Sept. 4 they are hosting a 24-hour “Force Friday” at 2,900 stores. Yep, Walmart is going ALL OUT.

“Outside of the holiday season, we could be looking at the biggest week of 2015 for toys and we’re giving customers every reason to choose Walmart,” vice president of toys at Walmart, Anne Marie Kehoe said. “We’ve made a tradition out of letting kids tell us which toys will be most popular during the holidays. Between their selections this year and the excitement around Star Wars, parents know exactly what will top kids’ wish lists, and they can count on us for great prices.”

Other chains are taking this lying down, Toys “R” Us has also thrown their hat into the game, planning to hold their own midnight Star Wars themed events as well.

However, with toy sales estimated to steadily increase from last year (Walmart sold $1.1 billion worth of Mattel in 2014), and online retailers like Amazon becoming a contender, expect stores to say “Halloween, who? Happy holidays!”

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