You can get free (yes, free!) same-day grocery delivery from Walmart — here’s how

Leave it to Walmart to make grocery shopping even easier for its customers. Yesterday, the company announced that it will be offering a same-day grocery delivery service. Whether you’re in desperate need of toilet paper or are too lazy to pick up something to cook for dinner, you’ll no longer have to worry about any of that with this Walmart delivery service, which gets you your stuff in as little as three hours.

Business Insider reports that the plan is to “aggressively” implement the initiative at over 800 stores in 100 metro areas with the end goal of reaching 40% of American homes by the end of 2018.

The brand is collaborating with Uber, along with other delivery-service platforms, to get the job done. As if that’s not simple enough, the same-day option is also available on Walmart’s app.

Want to try this new Walmart delivery service for free?

Make sure to enter promo code FRESHCAR to get your first order for free. Any time after that, you have to spend at least $30 and pay a $9.95 flat fee to get your groceries dropped off straight to your front door on the day you put the order in.

Head over to Walmart’s website here to see if this is already happening in your hometown. Even for someone who loves making trips to the store to see which foods are on sale, there’s still no denying how great it is to have this Walmart delivery service as an option.

If we can order full meals on apps, it was only a matter of time until groceries followed. Now, fingers crossed, your favorite local stores will do the same.

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