Wally the Bunny, we are obsessed with you

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be the cutest thing to exist in the history of life, then you haven’t joined the over 28k Instagram followers who’ve already jumped on this adorbs train called Wally the Bunny. If you’re looking for daily smiles and an infinite supply of the warm and fuzzies, follow him. Like now.

I mean, ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Those ears! That dwarf-like frame! All. That. Fluff! I could literally pass out from the cuteness.

Just six days ago, Wally’s human, Molly, posted “Wally was googling ‘ponies’ (he’s been wanting to find free pony rides for bunnies … sigh. Yes, we’ve talked about the unlikeliness of this) when he came across ‘side PONY tails’ and immediately wanted one.”

Just the mere sight of this fictitious conversation ups the cute level by about a million percent. Although this 10-month-old Massachusetts English Angora bunny hasn’t always been so stylish. On January 1st of this year, not long after her beloved Flemish giant bunny, Leo, passed away, Molly posted her first pic of the adopted Wally. But at the time, he looked more like this:

Talk about a major makeover! I think the new high-rise ‘do totally lets Wally’s personality shine. But it doesn’t stop there. Just look at him here. He actually creates rainbows just by being alive.

And here, sleeping with his person while she steals furry kisses (which are some of THE best kisses).

And here, eating his daily dose of “three packed cups of leafy greens. Molly posted “I’ve been overindulging him in cabbage! I will now punish myself by maintaining a diet of only cabbage and cabbage soup for the next week.” I say give him all the cabbage he wants because LOOK AT HIM!

And because he kind of makes life feel happier no matter what angle, this. No one could lay like this and look as precious.

Here he is, proving just “being” isn’t up to his level. He’s going full wheel barrow.

Just a butterfly pin in his hair. No biggie because he’s that awesome.

I could go on and on about this bunny because, again, look at him! July marks this little guy’s 1st official birthday (he and his human, Molly, are both Cancers) which means for almost a whole year, he’s been wrecking people in the feels just by being him and for that, we say thank you, Wally. Seriously.

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