This new “Walking Dead” footage confirms all our worst fears for Season 7

It’s not a spoiler to say that someone we love is going to die within the first few seconds of The Walking Dead Season 7. The show has seat us up for heartbreak with the introduction of Negan and his bat, Lucille. Someone is going to come face to face with it, and meet a gruesome end, and right now, it could literally be anyone.

At Comic-Con this past year, The Walking Dead released a trailer for the new season, that cleverly failed to actually show anyone kneeling in front of Negan — and if you need a reminder, that’s Rick, Carl, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, Abraham, Sasha, Aaron, Rosita and Eugene.

While we’ve all got our theories (and our hopes and prayers and wishes) as to who it won’t be, evidence continues to stack up that it’s…Daryl.

And now, there’s a brand new clip from the upcoming season, so start preparing your hearts for the worst. We see Daryl’s things, but we certainly don’t see Daryl.

During a special Talking Dead episode, to get us ramped up for Season 7, AMC released a short clip of what’s to come. We see Dwight riding a motorcycle…AND HOLD UP IS THAT DARYL’S MOTORCYCLE?

It’s very hard to tell if it is or it isn’t. But the real telling thing of this scene is that Dwight is 1,000,000% wearing Daryl’s vest. Oh noooooooo. 

But also OH WAIT. The Walking Dead loves to mess with us, remember #IsGlennDeadGate? So why would the show release a clip basically confirming that Daryl is the one who dies, and then Dwight takes all his stuff? There’s also no way to tell when this scene is taking place, and where it fits into the season opener, or if it happens later on. Maybe Daryl just gives Dwight his stuff…?

We’re just trying to stay positive here as we face the realization that our collective internet boyfriend, Daryl, might not be on The Walking Dead for much longer.