This new “Walking Dead” trailer shows us *one* person who survives Negan

After dropping a trailer that showed us basically NOTHING except for Negan and forcing us to fear for the lives of all of our faves, The Walking Dead is back with a shiny new trailer that… we don’t feel much better about. Especially given last season’s cliffhanger, we really wanted to see lots of our old faves so we KNOW they’re safe.

We can add to our list of Things We Know alongside “Ezekiel has a tiger” and “Negan is bad:” MORGAN JONES IS ALIVE.

So that’s pretty cool. We’re crossing our fingers for Carol, too, since Morgan made it out, although SHE ISN’T IN THE TRAILER. And twisting the knife that is our fear that all of our babies are dead, The Walking Dead‘s official twitter shared a promo picture of… yep, you guessed it. Negan.

CAN SOMEBODY PLEASE CHECK IN WITH CAROL? We’re concerned about everybody, tbh, and want to know how Rick and Michonne and Daryle and LITERALLY everybody else is doing, but our number one priority right now is Carol. Look at this face, guys.


We should all care about Carol. You know who we wish cared about Carol, Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and anybody who isn’t Negan or Ezekiel? AMC!

Check out the full trailer below!

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