This might be the most upsetting death on “The Walking Dead” yet

We have to say, the latest death on The Walking Dead really hurt us — and warning, spoilers from “Some Guy” follow! Also, lots of tears…

It’s always hard when a character on a show we love dies. And when it comes to The Walking Dead, to be honest, we’re fairly used to losing faves left and right. But you know what’s even harder than a character death on a beloved TV show? The death of a beloved animal character because there is nearly nothing on Earth more heartbreaking than the death of an animal, okay? (Like, we’re *still* recovering from the “loss” of Game of Thrones’ Viserion.)

So suffice it to say we are emotionally wounded by the onscreen death of Shiva, Ezekiel’s pet tiger.

In the episode, Shiva rescues Ezekiel from a bunch of zombies, taking them on so he has a chance to get away. The zombies keep on comin’, and Shiva eventually disappears into the swarm as Carol and Jerry drag Ezekiel away.

Ezekiel definitely grew on us as a character, but the one Walking Dead character we’ve been 100% on board with from the get-go is Shiva, y’know? Like, admit it — we’ve all wanted a pet tiger since watching Aladdin as kids, so Shiva tapped into some childhood dream of having a giant cat follow you around like a loyal pup.

Predictably, the internet is as upset as we are over this tragic death!


Obvs, we realize that we’re mourning a CGI tiger, but like, the feelings are real. THEY’RE SO REAL AND THEY HURT. false


We have several bones to pick with the Walking Dead writers, because killing pets is a line nobody should cross.

Sad deaths on The Walking Dead also remind us of all the sad deaths we’ve seen on the show to date, and there’s just…we’re feeling A LOT, okay?

Although, this one maaaaybe hit us the hardest.

Like, we see violence on this show every week, but this was rough, y’all.

Since the internet is a never-ending well of creativity, at least we got some nice Shiva tributes from fans.

SO TRUE. false

THE FEELS. false

Be back later — we need to go cuddle our pets and remind them that we love them and if we get into a fight with a horde of the undead, THEY MUST BE SAVED.


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