That ‘Walking Dead’ theory everyone is talking about makes a lot of sense

Sunday’s episode of The Walking Dead was bananas. If you’re wondering, “Yes it totally was, but that was Sunday and today is Wednesday, can you remind me of what happened?” The answer is yes of course, but there are spoilers ahead from this point on so you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

The second episode of Season Six, titled “JSS,” was mostly about the Wolves’ attack on Alexandria, and it was bloody and gruesome, and many Alexandrians were brutally killed. Carol won our hearts and souls for the millionth time by disguising herself as a Wolf and taking down a few herself, and Morgan was very Morgan and tried his best not to kill anyone (but had to kill Andrew W.K. because a dude’s gotta live). But “JSS” was also about Enid. Enid, who’s Alexandria’s orphan wildling and also Carl’s dreamy dream girlfriend, was always depicted as an outsider. Unlike other community members, she came from the outside world of walkers and death, and we finally got a glimpse of her background.

And now that we have, many of us have suspicions and questions. Like, why does Enid leave at the end of the episode? Who is Enid? Was Enid a spy for the Wolves?

That’s what the Internet seems to think, and proof exists. First of all, we can tell Enid isn’t scared of walkers or people, for that matter (which is worse?). And she’s pretty nonchalant about the whole Wolves slaughtering a bunch of innocent people thing. When Carl mentions the Wolves, Enid responds by saying, they’re “just people,” and that “There are too many blind spots. That’s how we were able to …,” before Carl interrupted her (way to go, Carl). Take note of that possessive pronoun, friends.

And if you’re not sold on this theory yet, take a peek at this clue from Season 5. The Huffington Post would like to point out that Carl is scoping out Enid’s comic books —one of which is called “Wolf Fight.” You say “Wolf Fight,” I say “Wolves.”

Uproxx provides more convincing clues. Such as the assumption that when Enid sneaks out of Alexandria she is actually meeting up with the Wolves. And that she only assimilated to gain access to the set of keys which open every door. And lastly, her plausible involvement with those jerks with Ws carved into their foreheads could explain why she was so weirdly distant when she said goodbye to Carl.

Or this could all mean Enid is one tough girl who has experienced some bad, bad things, and is hardened because of them. Uproxx does note that this Enid theory isn’t rock solid. Because first of all, it would mean the Wolves are an organized pack and that they used Enid’s information to actually do something besides aimlessly kill a bunch of people once they got inside Alexandria. And we also know that the Wolves got the inside scoop from Aaron’s backpack, which he accidentally left behind in a trap the Wolves had set up. Enid had nothing to do with that.

…Or so we think. Maybe she’s the one who set up the boobie trap.

Here’s how the rest of the Internet world feels about the Enid situation:

Either way, we’re bound to find out what Enid’s deal is in this season of The Walking Dead.

(All images via AMC)