We’ve got a brand new picture of “Walking Dead” Season 7B, and it is super mysterious

As if we don’t have enough stuff to stress about when it comes to 2017, we’ve now got a brand new picture of The Walking Dead season 7B and we’re buggin’ just a little bit.

When will our friends and families and pets stop us from watching television shows where every character’s life is on the line every episode!? Our hearts can’t take it, and if our friends and families really loved us (or if our pets REALLY want to be fed every day) they would stop us from putting ourselves through this. And yet, here we are, on season 7 of a show that is nothing but never-ending stress and waiting around during hiatus for any hint that our faves will make it through another year.

The new picture shows Rick talking to…some mystery woman, in some mystery place.

We’re both intrigued by the possibility of a new character and a new setting, and kinda bitter because if they’re going to throw us a bone, we’d prefer it to be a bone attached to somebody we already love so we know they’re safe, at least for a time. Preferably, that bone is still inside of their body.

No, that is not a euphemism. Unless we’re talking about Daryl and Carol. Anyway, here’s the picture, first shared by our friends over at Entertainment Weekly.


AMC’s synopsis of this back half of season seven is…

"We’ll meet new survivors in incredible places."

So we’re guessing this woman (we assume) is a new survivor, and this junkyard is an incredible place. It’s too soon to tell, but while we’re excited at the prospect of getting another badass lady on this roster, we’re not sure we’re sold on junkyard as “incredible.”

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