The Internet felt many feelings about last night’s surprising romance on “The Walking Dead”

The biggest OMG moment from last night’s Walking Dead had nothing to do with the walkers, or Alexandria, or Jesus’ introduction, or even the fate of Daryl. Instead, we all clutched our hearts and screamed when Rich and Michonne shared a tender moment together on the couch, and that turned into something so much more. You guys, #Richonne is officially a GO.

If you screamed while watching it happen, know you’re not alone. When Andrew Lincoln first found out about the new pairing, he screamed, too.

“When we [shot the scene] we wanted it to have a feeling like these two great friends just looked at each other and realized, ‘Of course.’” He explained to TVLine, clearly freaking out about it himself, as you do. “It was just natural… And Michonne has been a mother figure and best friend to Carl for so long. And she saved Rick’s life and Carl’s life on countless occasions. There’s something rather moving about these two warriors getting together.”

Don’t expect the show to suddenly shift focus to this brand new happy family, though. “Unfortunately, like with most moments in the show, things get in the way of a burgeoning, beautiful romance.” Lincoln continued. “But where there’s life, there’s hope.”

While it sounds like it won’t evolve into a full-blown romance over the next few weeks, that still won’t stop us from completely freaking out for the rest of the season, and/or the rest of our lives.

Usually, when a new pairing is introduced, the Internet finds itself divided between “YESSS!!” and “pass.” However, the response to Richonne is overwhelmingly YAAAAASSSSS.

Next Sunday can’t come soon enough.