Just a few reasons why ‘The Walking Dead’ was totally insane last night

The Walking Dead has been a huge source of heartbreak lately. [SPOILER ALERT! Stop reading now if you don’t want to know what happens! Like, this isn’t a joke. Not at all. We’re not kidding. SPOILERS. OK.]

This season has been pretty grim from the get-go, and a couple of weeks ago we lost one of the original crew: Glenn. Sweet Glenn. He and Maggie have been one of our favorite TV couples for a few years now and we were heartbroken when he was (presumably) killed. And last night’s episode brought with it even more crazy news, so while we’re over here with our box of tissues and that last little glimmer of hope for Glenn (or really, anything, seriously, when is something good going to happen!?), here’s a breakdown of why last night’s episode just put us over the edge.

The mayor is losing her marbles.

I mean, we gotta cut her a break — she just lost her husband. Her peaceful community of Alexandria is basically in a state of total anarchy, and it’s all Rick’s fault. That guy. Everything was cool until he came to town, and the residents are all really angry at him. He remains optimistic, despite the fact that there’s a hoard of zombies waiting outside the wall of the community. Deanna’s outlook on life isn’t so great.

Glenn’s name goes up on the memory wall.

We have mixed feelings about this, but yeah. The town of Alexandria has accepted the fact that Glenn isn’t coming back, so I guess we should, too. But we really, really don’t want to.

Maggie is pregnant.

Holy smokes. It’s true. While attempting to venture out to find Glenn, Maggie reveals to Aaron that she’s pregnant. What does this mean for the future? We still get chills when we remember what happened to Rick’s wife after she gave birth to their daughter in this zombie-filled world.

Rick and Jessie, sitting in a tree.

Well, they finally kiss. It’s about time! But with all the chaos surrounding the town, this probably isn’t the best time to start a romance.

Denise still doesn’t know how to be the town doctor.

But she’s getting better. Girl really needs to work on her anxiety levels (well, they all do, but still . . . she’s the doctor!) With a little help from Tara, she’s able to help cure Scott’s gunshot wound infection. And then she thanks Tara by kissing her. New romance blooming?

Rick for mayor?

Deanna hangs on to the idea that Alexandria can stand. But she wants Rick to take her place and lead the people. And a lot of them, well, kind of hate Rick. And they’re all stealing food from each other. They’re all also in a state of chaos from the attack from the Wolves. Can Rick do anything to mend this anarchy?

Glenn’s name gets erased from the memory wall.

Maggie and Aaron erase Glenn’s name from the wall. This could mean a few things. Is she so grief-stricken that she refuses to believe he is truly dead? Is he truly dead? Does this scene exist solely to confuse us battered, depressed Walking Dead fans? We just don’t know.

There’s a crack in the actual wall.

Or blood. Or somebody trying to cut through. We’re not sure, but we know it’s not good . . . because all those zombies are just out there, waiting. Sigh.

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