Here are the seven worst things that happened during the Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead”

We just saw the premiere of The Walking Dead’s seventh season, and it’s going to be a while until we’re okay again. We waited impatiently all summer to know who Negan killed and now, we finally know who dies. Somehow, though, the episode was riddled with brutal moments beyond that. Here’s a recap of the worst of them — it goes without saying, but there are spoilers aplenty ahead.

1. Negan kidnaps Rick

When the episode opens, we don’t know who Negan has killed. Viewers simply see Rick in close-up, looking dazed. He mumbles, “I’m going to kill you,” to Negan, who cheerfully grabs Rick, and a hatchet, and drags Rick into the RV. Negan then baits Rick into picking up the hatchet only to whirl around and nearly shoot him. The way Negan taunts Rick is relentless – he’s not going to stop until he’s broken him.

2. We flashback to Negan’s victim: Abraham

It’s the moment we’ve waited for all summer: Negan’s victim. And it’s Abraham.

The murder is gruesome, and we won’t go into details here – but suffice it to say everyone – especially Sasha and Rosita – are gutted by it.

3. Negan taunts a shell-shocked Rosita

While Negan walks around the group members, he brandishes Lucille – his bat, now covered in Abraham’s blood – at Rosita, then notices that she looks even more upset than everyone else (which, obvs., means pretty insanely upset). He asks if they were together, then begins to taunt her. Unfortunately, this makes Darryl lash out and attack Negan, whose retaliation will be swift, and awful.

4. Negan claims a second victim

Negan said he’d make “no exceptions” if the group disobeyed him after he killed one of them, and he meant it – so, he kills another member, and this one hurts even more: It’s Glenn, and fans of the comics had their worst fears realized.

5. Glenn tries to say goodbye to Maggie

Negan hits Glenn twice – but Glenn doesn’t fall. Instead, he tries to tell his wife, Maggie, one last message of love: “I’ll find you.” During the episode’s Talking Dead, Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, said that the pair are star-crossed lovers, and whether in the afterlife or as some sort of guardian angel, Glenn will always be with Maggie. BRB, crying forever.

6. Negan forces Rick to cut off Carl’s arm

Just kidding! Thankfully. Negan just almost makes Rick cut off his son’s arm, with guns pointed at the rest of the group, but he relents at the last minute – because he knows he’s broken Rick.

7. The saviors take Darryl

As if killing two of the group wasn’t enough, Negan and his group take Darryl to discourage Rick’s group from retaliating. So, the group has really lost three members.

If this was just the premiere, we’re scared to see what the rest of the season has in store – but we can’t help be optimistic for Rick, Maggie, and the rest of the group, because if anyone is tough enough to take on Negan and the saviors, it’s them.