“The Walking Dead” is getting rid of one of its villains, and now what?

It’s so rare in the world of showrunner interviews for us to get a straight answer. And yet, that’s just what we got when EW.com asked Scott Gimple of The Walking Dead about Rick and Negan in Season 8.

The Walking Dead is no stranger to villains overstaying their welcome (hello, Governor, and your army 2.0), so how long Negan will stick around is definitely a question that’s been on our minds. Clearly we’re not the only ones, because EW.com asked outright, and the answer was as straightforward as we’re ever gonna get.

"The war will absolutely be resolved by the end of Season 8. Absolutely.

And while we loooove having a little certainty in our lives, now we have MORE questions. Such as, what happens next!? Are we gonna get a new villain? Is the war going to end with everybody dying? (Everybody dying is always a fear with The Walking Dead —  is everybody just going to live happily ever after? [PLEASE?])

We don’t know, but since we’ve seen that we’re going to get to get Rick as an old man in Season 8 , we kind of feel like all bets are off. We can’t believe that we got a straight up answer about future events from a showrunner, and we still don’t know what’s going to happen.

Scott Gimple was also asked about whether some villains from the graphic novels would show up, the Whisperers, and about that he was more tight-lipped.

"I’m going to give you a full no-comment on that.

So like a man, Scott Gimple. Bold certainty, followed by an utter lack of commitment.