A ‘Walking Dead’ recap from this Monty Python alum is strangely perfect

We can’t wait for the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead and, most importantly, to finally know who Negan kills. We’re sure it’ll break our hearts, but it feels like we’ve been waiting FOREVER to find out. And if you’ve pretty much forgotten about what’s happened in the series up till now (apart from that enormous cliffhanger, of course) but don’t have time to binge it all (who does?), it’s okay, you’re in luck.

There’s now a The Walking Dead recap online that will refresh everything for you, and its narrator is someone you probably wouldn’t expect: John Cleese.


Yep, that John Cleese. Cheerful-sounding, British, Monty Python John Cleese. His jovial voice and dynamic cadence make for an unexpected pairing with the grimness of The Walking Dead, obviously, but somehow it works really, really well.

The video from NowTV is full of spoilers, btw, which is part of what makes it so impressive. It’s actually really comprehensive for a four-minute video. Plus, a small tab pops up at the bottom every time the recap moves onto the next season, which is super helpful.


Cleese gives you basic plot information, but he also lays down the rules of TWD. Obviously, lesson number one is “zombies are not called zombies.” Duh.


The second one is really important: There are no safe places.


The third lesson will probably make you sad – it’s “don’t look at the flowers.”


Finally, rule number four is “stop forgetting lesson 2.”


The video is also laugh-out-loud funny. From the usual jabs at the way Rick says, “Carl,” to unexpected gems like Cleese calling Michonne “Slicey Magee.” Hands down, though, the best part is seeing every “safe” place catalogued: from the CDC in Season 1, the farm in Season 2, the prison in Season 3, and so on, there’s a sort of hilarious irony in the fact that every one of the group’s refuges have fallen.

We’re so glad we have this The Walking Dead recap video to help us through the last couple of days until the Season 7 premiere.