Four predictions we have for “The Walking Dead” midseason finale

It feels like we were just sobbing our way through the season premiere, yet somehow, months have passed. Next week is the midseason finale of The Walking Dead. It’s been a violent, stressful season so far, and we doubt the midseason finale will be different. While some speculations are all but definite (we’re pretty sure we’ll see Ezekiel and The Kingdom, for example), other aspects of the episode are totally up in the air. Here are our predictions for it:

Michonne will meet up with Daryl

We know Michonne is on her way to Negan – little does she know, he’s not at The Sanctuary. She’s most likely heading there with the Savior woman, and Daryl is probably trying to escape at the same time. While it *might* be too good to be true, there’s a solid chance that Michonne’s and Daryl’s paths will cross. If that’s the case (and we truly hope it is), they’ll likely head back to Alexandria, together.

Spencer will mess something up

Spencer’s got a long history of messing things up, and we don’t think that will change. Also, he’s spent the entire season thus far pouting about Rick’s leadership. Though he just found a bunch of supplies, he’s been pretty obnoxious for a while now. We don’t think it’s too crazy to assume that, with Negan at Alexandria, something bad will happen and it will be his fault.

Rick will see Negan holding Judith

When we leave Rick in tonight’s The Walking Dead, he’s out scavenging with Aaron. They’re about to cross a lake full of walkers (Think a non-magical, zombie apocalypse version of the creepy lake surrounding Voldemort’s Horcrux in Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince).  We predict they’ll cross it to get to the supplies that might be on the other side. Obviously, that will be full of near-death stress.

Rick and Aaron will then return to Alexandria, exhausted from their terrifying jaunt – and maybe without supplies. And that’s when Rick will see it: Negan, his nemesis, holding Judith. Judith, the daughter he loves dearly, even though she isn’t his. We’re not sure what will happen after that, but there’s no way it can be good.

At least one person will try to kill Negan

Maybe it’ll be Rick, in a blind rage. Maybe it’ll be Rosita, with the bullet Eugene just made her. Regardless, someone will try to kill Negan in the midseason finale – and they will fail. One, because the episode is just the midseason finale. But, also, because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is confirmed as a cast member in The Walking Dead’s eighth season. Essentially, he’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Next week’s The Walking Dead midseason finale will be a supersize episode, so chances are plenty of things will happen. We have a hunch out predictions are correct; ultimately, though, we’ll have to wait and see.