Tonight’s “Walking Dead” totally reminded us why we LOVE Michonne

Sometimes, it’s nice to get a small reminder of why you love a character. The Walking Dead season 7, episode 7 is a perfect example of that. We’ve adored Michonne since her first appearance on the show. However, tonight she reminded us just how cool she is. This isn’t the first time we’ve totally crushed on Michonne, either; we’re just crushing harder now.

Tonight’s episode opens with Michonne. She stands, looking at the mattresses that used to belong to the folks at Alexandria – until Negan’s people took them, only to burn them on the side of the road.

Michonne begins walking, whistling a tune. A couple walkers hobble out of the woods to follow her. She keeps walking, and it seems for a moment that she’s going to become some kind of Pied Piper for zombies. But then, Michonne does what she’s best at, and takes the walkers out with her katana.

Michonne then proceeds to drag one of the bodies, whistling all the way. Her sword, and her walkie talkie, lay on her bag in the road.

At that point, the episode cuts away and covers other characters – particularly Carl, who makes an unsuccessful assassination attempt on Negan and spends a terrifying time at The Sanctuary. We’re left to sit, wondering – what was Michonne doing?

Well, the short answer is that she was being TOTALLY AWESOME and super crafty. Later in the episode, a Negan underling is driving down the road when she encounters a pile of walkers. Unable to drive over them, she gets out of the car. That’s when Michonne pops up out of nowhere, demanding that the woman drop her weapons.

Michonne asks to be taken to Negan. The woman tries to trick her by pumping the breaks to take the gun Michonne just took from her. However, Michonne bests the woman, and again demands to go to Negan.

This is, in essence, why we love Michonne: she’s smart, she’s tough, and she is relentless. She lays a simple but super effective trap so that she could get closer to Negan. She wants to end him; it’s the only way she sees a future for her group (And, tbh, for herself and Rick, who is still super shell-shocked).

We loved having this reminder of why Michonne is our favorite. Now we just have to wait for next week’s The Walking Dead so we can see how her plan turns out.