THAT scene from “The Walking Dead” was just remade with Legos, and we can’t look away

If you haven’t started watching season seven of The Walking Dead yet, be warned: There are spoilers up ahead. Either way, the season premiere was a rough one and now, its worst moments have been remade with Legos, and it’s maybe less terrible than watching the real thing.

But be warned, it’s still very graphic. Even for Legos!

The first episode of Seasn 7  was actually criticized for being too violent. Fans all over were devastated by it, and for good reason. But, if you want to experience the events without having to watch actors you love in peril, this is a great way to manage that.

Though, it’s worth noting: the Lego faces somehow capture a lot of emotion, making this video a decent substitute for the real thing. Also, the video uses the actual audio from the episode, so you do hear the IRL drama even if you don’t see it.

TBH, there’s something really weird about watching a Lego Negan committing two brutal murders; It feels like a favorite childhood toy has turned against us. We’d be scarred by it, if the episode itself hadn’t totally taken care of that last week.

However, the video is also extremely impressive – Youtube user kristo499 created it within mere days of the episode’s premiere. Lego stop motion is pretty time-intensive, and this version is pretty spot-on. Kristo499 has also created videos of other iconic TWD moments, like that time Glenn almost died last season.

Some details, such as the peace sign Abraham sends to Sasha, weren’t recreated for the video. That’s likely due to Lego characters’ lack of fingers as much as the short timeline. And, while some parts – such as Daryl’s moment of defiance – are simplified, the video really does feature most of the IRL scene’s elements, even Glenn’s heartbreaking, and graphic, last moments.

This Lego video may not be *as* intense as the real thing, but it’s definitely an impressive piece all on its own.