This “Walking Dead” leaked audio tape supposedly reveals who died at the end of the season finale

For anyone who still hasn’t seen the Season 6 finale of The Walking Dead or doesn’t want to know the character who MIGHT HAVE BEEN Negan’s/Lucille’s victim, turn back now. For real.

Okay. So. If you stayed on this page, it means you’re probably wondering what this leaked The Walking Dead audio tape is, and how it supposedly reveals which character dies (or gets severely injured).


So, on April 1st (April Fools’ Day) an audio tape was allegedly uploaded to The Spoiling Dead by someone who claimed it was the full ending to the finale. According to International Business Times, “The audio files have since been removed, and The Spoiling Dead Facebook page is even claiming that AMC ‘locked’ their page for the next few days.” Um, whoa.

The clip is eleven minutes and three seconds of Negan’s terrifying monologue, and at the end it includes screams from the others we didn’t hear on Sunday. One scream you can definitely make out is a woman screaming “Glenn.” Does this mean Glenn’s the goner? Is that Maggie screaming his name? Or is Maggie the one getting knocked out by a barbwire baseball bat and she’s screaming “Glenn”? Listen to the full clip here.

Another thread on Reddit has been trying to figure out whether this is a legit audio clip. User TheDidact118 proposed three theories:


The theme music that redditor CameronTheCinephile brings up is The Walking Dead theme song that plays shortly before the clip ends —usually the credits do use a “gloomy hipster song.” However, when I played an episode on Netflix to determine what gets played during the credits, it was in fact the theme song.


BUT, season finales in particular almost always play a different song. I tested this out on Netflix and found it to be true.

Except for Seasons 4 and 5, which do play the regular TWD theme song. And redditor HolyFad can back that up.


So, after comparing how other season finales end and how this one “ends,” it’s actually totally possible this is a real audio recording.

Plus, according to Monkeys Fighting Robots, AMC has been asking sources to pull these recordings down from their site —would they really do this if the recording was fan-made?

Right now, we have NO IDEA whether this clip is real or not. If it is, we’re really REALLY bummed, and the vision of Maggie screaming Glenn’s name as he gets his brains bashed is mega dark. Looks like for now the only way to confirm this ending is to wait for Season 7 to start. It’s gonna be a LONG six months, guys.