Good news and bad news — Maggie might stick around on “Walking Dead,” but as a villain

The Walking Dead premiered on AMC all the way back in 2010, and it’s still going strong. To manage that, it’s had to reinvent itself every few seasons, and it looks like it may have taken another major turn. That’s right, fan favorite Maggie might be The Walking Dead‘s next villain, which is probably hard for many accept, but at least it means more of actress Lauren Cohan, right? Right!

Warning: Spoilers ahead…

When Season 8 of The Walking Dead wrapped, it showed Maggie feeling vengeful AF.

Furious with Rick for not killing Negan when he had the chance, Maggie privately vows revenge. “An eye for an eye” hasn’t always been her thing, but she (understandably!) sees Negan killing her husband Glenn as unforgivable. Fans watched Maggie huddle up Jesus and Daryl to hatch a revenge plot against Rick. “We’re going to bide our time,” she said, “Wait for our moment, and then we’re going to show him,” show him how wrong he was to let Negan live.

So, um, is Maggie about to break bad? Actress Lauren Cohan wouldn’t reveal anything, and her next few projects don’t give us a clear yes or no. The actress has reportedly joined ABC action drama Whiskey Cavalier, which would premiere in the fall. The Hollywood Reporter claims that ABC and AMC are comfortable allowing Cohan to work on both series simultaneously — it just comes down to timing.

Now-former Walking Dead showrunner Scott M. Gimple announced that news about Lauren Cohan’s future on the show will be “coming soon,” but that could mean anything.

So, if you’re excited to see more of Mad Maggie, you’ll probably get your wish. You’ll just have to wait a little longer. Gimple was “pretty positive” that they’ll have news for Maggie fans soon, and that includes an understanding of how and when they’re able to wrap up her storyline on the show.

Lauren Cohan has been a core Walking Dead cast member since Season 2, and there are only so many of those left. A legit sendoff would be a nice treat for fans. But also, her new ABC show will star Scott Foley from Scandal, so at least there’s that on the horizon, too. *Phew*

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