Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus are in a glitter bomb prank war on “The Walking Dead,” because of course they are

In case you’re wondering how Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus blow off steam on the set of The Walking Dead, they pull pranks on each other. But not just like, simple pranks, like putting the other’s stapler in jello. No. They send each other glitter bombs.

During The Walking Dead panel at San Diego Comic Con, it was revealed that a small prank war had started between the two of them, and it has quickly escalated to glitter. Because, obviously, glitter. Remember when glitter bombs became all ~the rage~ to send your enemies? Yeah, it’s happening on the Atlanta set, and the results are hilarious.

Lincoln explained to the crowd that it all started with Reedus sending him some surprise glitter packages. He ends up leaving the set at the end of the day, and it has earned the nicknames “Sparkles” and “Glitter Boy” around town.

“I used to be somebody in my own hometown,” Lincoln told the packed audience of Hall H.  “My two children had tears in their eyes [and asked,] ‘What did Norman do [to you]?’ And I said, ‘Sweethearts, he’s humiliated your father at an international scale.”

In an effort to get Reedus back, Lincoln came to the panel with his own golden glitter, and waited for the opportune moment to let it loose all over Reedus. It should have worked! Instead, it completely backfired all over Lincoln’s face. The end result: Glitter Rick.


It’s actually a moment you need to see to believe (and one that panel moderator Chris Hardwick needed to selfie).

Not really sure how these glitter bombs could ever make it onto the show, but hey, The Walking Dead has certainly surprised us in the past.

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