There’s a brand new grave on “The Walking Dead” — but it’s not what you think

On tonight’s The Walking Dead, Negan returned, making the episode about as tense as you’d imagine. Most noteworthy, though, is that Negan asks where where Maggie is – but she isn’t there. There’s something there, though – an extra grave in the graveyard. Maggie’s grave. Hold up, before you’re like “What, where is Maggie on The Walking Dead ?! is Maggie dead? Did they kill Maggie off-screen?!”

Remember: Maggie is going after Negan. And don’t forget, The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman has a plan for Maggie.

So, you may be wondering – why the grave, then? Well, for one, Maggie isn’t at Alexandria, and the fresh grave throws Negan off the trail. It means he won’t go looking for her. Also, Negan creepily alludes to hitting on Maggie, which, gross (Or potentially taking her to the Sanctuary against her will, which would be even worse).

It’s even more surprising who digs Maggie’s grave: Gabriel. The priest is thinking quickly. While it seems that the whole group has agreed to fake her death, Gabriel actually digs Maggie’s grave. He and Rick accompany Negan to the graveyard. There, two other fresh graves remind us that Abraham and Glenn are gone, and BRB we’re crying again.

Gabriel slyly wipes his hand off on his pants, and Rick notices. Later, he thanks Gabriel for making the grave, and Gabriel responds that he doesn’t mind digging graves that he knows will stay empty.

There’s another important reason why Negan needed to see Maggie’s grave: Rick’s group doesn’t want him to know that she and Sasha are at The Hilltop. They went at the end of the season premiere, which you might not remember because you were probably sobbing. Maggie needs to see the doctor there, since at the end of season six, she was having complications with her pregnancy.

However, Maggie’s presence at The Hilltop could signal to Negan that the groups under his control are aware of each other. That means they might align, and fight him – and that’s the last thing he’d want.

So, at the moment, Negan thinks Maggie is dead. But, the Saviors will be at The Hilltop in the next episode, so her secret may be revealed. We can’t wait for the next episode so we can find out.