Here are ‘The Walking Dead’ emojis you need in your zombie-loving life

You can send shrimp, dragon and a laughing-so-hard-it’s-crying cat emoji, and now, you can add a Rick Grimes emoji to your recently used collection. Thanks to our friends at The Daily Dot, Walking Dead emojis are now a thing that exist that you should download to your phone IMMEDIATELY. You didn’t know you needed to send friends Carl emojis to everyone in your contacts list until right now.

Following the success of Daily Dot’s Doctor Who emojis, they went ahead and created the next emoji set we need at our finger tips: Rick and the gang, and a Walker, too. The lil images come to us through a hand app called “imoji” which is only available for the iPhone, and I’m so sorry for all Android users out there. Once it’s downloaded, simply search for the easily remembered, “twdemojis” and then BOOM, you can now insert these into texts, tweets and Facebook. Go head and try to explain last night’s episode to your friends using only these tiny pictures.

The emojis included are Rick, Carl, Daryl, Carol, Glenn, Maggie, Michonne, Tyreese, The Governor and his eye patch, and a Walker complete with a little bit of his brain exposed. While I like being able to send their faces to all my friends, I kinda wish that there were more Walking Dead things involved, too, you know? Like, I want to be able to send someone Rick’s machete and Daryl’s crossbow. Also, I most definitely need to send someone Carl’s pudding. Maybe for the next update?

What do you think of these little guys? Is this the best idea ever, or the BEST. IDEA. EVER?

Images via here.