We’ve got a major ‘Walking Dead’ casting update

With all the Walking Dead news coming out via AMC, it can be a shock to the system when we remember that we still have a few months to go before the show returns for its new season on October 11. (The reveal of this seriously amazing new trailer at SDCC recently didn’t help the waiting game.)

Our pining for the return of our favorite fictional zombie apocalypse is slightly eased by the fact that we will be getting a premiere of its spin-off next month (Fear the Walking Dead will rise up on AMC in August). Now there’s a teeny bit more to tide us over because we’ve just gotten some great spoilerific casting news that will be sure to make you hungry for more!

While we already knew that actors Ethan Embry and Merritt Wever would be popping up as additions to an already great ensemble, we didn’t know exactly what their new roles would be. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, it’s been confirmed that Wever will play the part of Dr. Denise Cloyd. In the comics, she’s a doctor who has a lot of responsibility in Alexandria and winds up tending to a character who gets pretty seriously wounded. (No word yet on whether or not that character will be suffering the same fate in the show.)

Embry, meanwhile, will play another Alexandrian named Carter — who according to showrunner Scott M. Gimple, is kind of a mashup of several characters from the comics. Oh, and apparently he’s just been in the background all along. “He is an Alexandrian, and has been there the whole time, just quite busy,” Gimple said.

Last and certainly not least, it was revealed that there will be a third newbie popping up in the Alexandria community. Actor Corey Hawkins will play a character called Heath who serves as a supply-runner — meaning it’ll be his job to go out into those walker-infested areas and bring back needed items for the town. In the comics, he’s also got a little bit of a romance with Dr. Denise, but time will tell if they pursue the same plot lines in the show. The Walking Dead has already deviated several times from its counterpart in print, which makes those twists even more unexpected and amazing.

Based on these new casting deets, we’re even more excited for The Walking Dead to be back on our television screens. You can check out more photos from the new season courtesy of Entertainment Weekly. Is it October yet?

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