You probably didn’t catch this awful moment in the Season 7 premiere of “The Walking Dead”

The seventh season of The Walking Dead kicked off last Sunday, and that means we’ve had four, long days to process everything that happened over the span of the hour. There were deaths and there were tears, and it wasn’t a very fun, happy way to kick off the week. And not to dampen the mood once again, but we noticed something absolutely awful about Walking Dead’s, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be,” and our hearts are crumbling.

As you know —  because you watched the episode, and if you didn’t, spoilers ahead — Negan kills both Abraham and Glenn, and it’s a lot to handle. The aftermath of their deaths is absolutely brutal on Rick and the gang, and while we’re very focused on making sure the survivors are okay, you might have missed what’s happening in the background.

Just before Abraham and Glenn’s bodies are carried away, one of Negan’s men takes a picture of Glenn’s lifeless body and WHOA THAT IS CROSSING A LINE.


It’s a quick moment, and it happens in the background behind Rick, and COULD YOU NOT?

Frankly, this is one downright creepy and disturbing moment. Why, on this green, Walker-infested Earth would you take a picture of Glenn?? Unless, Negan is keeping a scrapbook of his kills (um, please no), or this dude is keeping a scrapbook of Negan’s kills (no no no).

But actually, if you remember, they are for sort of a Negan-scrapbook-of-awful-things. Remember when they went to the compound last year and there were pictures all over the wall? Yeah…

We really don’t like this picture one bit. And oh, dear Daryl Dixon, we hope and pray this image doesn’t pop up anywhere else this season. We really can’t handle seeing Glenn like that ever again.