“The Walking Dead” sneakily paid homage to its very first zombie in the Season 8 premiere, ICYMI

We have to admit, we didn’t even notice that The Walking Dead secretly brought back its first-ever zombie! We’re used to The Walking Dead presenting us with twists and turns we don’t see coming. And once again, we really didn’t see this one coming!

Rick’s first-ever zombie encounter was with Summer (the ~teddy bear~ walker) in the very first episode. Well, she came back around — in a sense — because the show recreated the confrontation shot for shot with a walker that looks quiiiiiite a bit like Summer.

Check out the side by side — so similar!

They could be twins. Wait, are they twins?!

Just kidding, they’re not twins — they’re the same person! It isn’t just a walker that looks like ‘lil Summer. It’s ‘lil Summer all grown up! Actress Addy Miller was brought back to (sort of) reprise her role. Pretty cool!

Apparently, Andrew Lincoln isn’t known for being able to keep a secret, so the production had to hide Addy on set. Which is a little funny to think about… “Welcome back to the show! Quick, hide behind this.”

“They had to film me separately from Andrew because he’s known to spill some spoilers, so they had me in hiding the whole time so the crew couldn’t even know," Miller revealed to HuffPost.

The homage was in celebration of The Walking Dead‘s 100th episode, which is a pretty big deal. And luckily, Addy didn’t have to hide when it came time for the celebration.

Zombie nostalgia is a weirdly specific kind of nostalgia, but we have to admit — we kinda have it.

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